About us

Nouvelle Optique Association

We have chosen the title of our solidarity and humanitarian association

“Nouvelle Optique” because our most cherished wish is to contribute to the change of the state of the disadvantaged communities so that we have “A new look at the world” The solidarity and humanitarian association

“Nouvelle Optique” was born in 2002 following meetings and reflections among friends.

Our Actions

Action in Morocco

For its projects in Morocco, Nouvelle optique with local associations are making centers for the benefit of hundreds of people, women, children, men.


Drilling in Cambodia

In Cambodia we are helping disadvantaged people in general, as well as the Muslim community, which is a minority in this country.


Single well

Simple wells are wells where water is collected using a bucket in small villages. They are dug by hand at a depth of 20 and 40 m in so-called soft soil.



We need you, your good intentions, your skills, your ideas, your energy, your advice.
The ideal would be to have ambassadors, ambassadors in all the great cities of France.



How to participate in our actions?

Talk about us

Helping us to get to know the association on social networks and talking about it all around you.

Through prayer

By invoking Allah 3azawajal! For without the help of Allah we will do and we would be nothing in this world.

Make a donation

By participating in one of our concrete actions you could then help those who need it most.



Keep up-to-date on our latest actions in real time.

Nouvelle Optique