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Do you prepare yourself for Ramadan ? Act now ! We know that reading the Qur’an during the month of Ramadan is very beneficial, maybe you have already planned a reading program

But how will you do without Qur’an ? Unthinkable with us!

Unfortunately in Burkina Faso, possessing a Qur’an is a luxury that most people can not afford.  Nouvelle Optique offers to deliver Qur’ans to your brothers and sisters that will be distributed and read during the best of months! Indeed the team of Nouvelle Optique will spend the first part of Ramadan on site and proceed to the distribution.

A Qur’an in Burkina Faso is worth 7 euros, and these 7 euros will be a sadaqa jariya for you. Every letter of the Qur’an that will be read during this month insha Allah will weigh heavily on the balance of good deeds. You have until May 30 midnight to participate in this operation, the number of Qur’an isn’t limited; the goal? Distribute a maximum!

Give access to the best of books during the best of months !


End of the first phase of the operation !

For logistical reasons we prefer to stop collecting so we can distribute all the Qur’ans at the next humanitarian mission whose departure is set on 17/06/2015 insha’Allah!

We reached 4000 offered Qur’ans !

May Allah preserve and reward you !

May Allah reward brothers and sisters from all over France and Belgium!

May Allah assist you in this life and in the next !

You are really generous and we invoke Allah so that each letter that will be read, from the Qur’ans you offered as a gift, will weigh heavily on the balance of good deeds

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